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One of the first core IT classes I'm taking for my Network Technology degree is an A+ Prep class - it's actually a prerequisite for many of the other classes. In addition to the 4 month class, studying, and doing many practice exams - does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should study? I'm definitely not expecting to go to class and then passing the A+ with little or no study.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure which textbook we're using, but here's a description of the class

BPC170 3 credits 4 periods
Computer Maintenance I: A+ Prep
Technical aspects of the microcomputer,
including system setup (hardware and software)
and basic troubleshooting. Emphasis on basic
troubleshooting, use of tools, hardware components
and hardware/software interfacing.


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    It's always a good idea to check on any updates to the exam objectives on CompTIA's site. Go through them and make sure you are comfortable with the material. You can get a break/fix computer and set up a VM for labbing.
    Mike Myer's All in One is a solid resource, it's fairly cheap on Amazon.
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