Finished Darril's Book...

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So I've finally finished reading Darril's book after a week. Now comes my final preparation for the exam - which I plan on taking on the 8th of Jan.

So far I have scored pretty good in the chapter quizzes 95-100% across the board, missing only a total of 3 for all chapters combined.

I was wondering what others have used in there final prep for the exam? I will be going over all the practice quizzes in the book, flash cards on the iPhone, and practice tests located here at TE. I have also downloaded the objectives from the CompTIA website and am in the process of compiling a document that addresses each of the assessed objectives with detailed point form information to aid in study.

Are the any other recommendations that would further help my preparation?

Thanks for any help! icon_study.gif


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    Review areas you feel weak in. Read your hilighted sections.
    The book should be all you need.
    The book is very well written and he does explain topics well.
    It sounds like you have prepared well.
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    Darril's book should definitely be all you need. It was all I used to comfortably pass the exam. If you read through the entire book and understood the things in the "Remember" text box, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I personally think the actual exam was just as easy as the practice questions in the book.
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  • cisco_nerdcisco_nerd Member Posts: 198
    Ok great, thanks for the info guys.

    Hopefully then after the next week and a bit of some consolidation, i should be right for the test next Saturday.

    I have felt pretty comfortable with the content that has been described in the book, and it has been very easy to digest and understand. I guess ill just go over the practice exams for more practice.

    Out of curiosity, with regards to the practice tests that are hosted here on TE, and those in the book, how do these compare to the actual test? I understand that particulars pertaining to the test cannot be divulged, however this is just to see how much further i should practice.

    Thanks again guys. :D
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