Load Balancing Question

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    Would you not assign a poorer metric to the 3rd path for them networks than the main 2?
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    Here is what I'd do. Assign a community for each of your receiving routers to tag the prefixes with. Then give the routes tagged with the community for the peers you want to use higher local pref in your AS.

    For the prefixes you only want sent out the third peer you can have a route-map to match the third router community AND a prefix-list for the specific routes you want sent out there and up the local pref.

    I think that would need the least manual updating for changes.
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    I am assuming you are trying to load balance at the edge/border of your AS. If so you can just tweak the Weight Attribute to the specific peers to make them preferable ( by default weight is 0 unless locally originated) and ofcourse you have to use maximum-paths 2 so that BGP Algorithm will comeup with two best routes.

    Well, whats the difference between using Weights and Router-Maps + set local pref ???

    using weights you are only influencing the path selection on the edge / border router


    using route-map + local pref combo you are influencing the path selection of other routers in your local AS too!!!
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