Michigan man faces jail time for reading wife's email messages

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Heed the following warning if you currently suspect your partner is hiding something that could potentially damage your relationship: Be careful where you look for evidence of lies, deception or infidelity because you might end up facing a prison sentence.

More pointedly, 33-year-old Leon Walker is heading for a February 7 court date on charges of computer misuse after he used his wife’s email password to read sensitive messages in her Gmail account.

Michigan man faces jail time for reading wife's email messages - Internet
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    Doesn't surprise me. Buddy of mine years ago suspected his ex of cheating, so he turned on logging on their computer (using ProComm Plus - yep back in the early 90's). He got an entire ream of paper full of incriminating material - yes she was cheating, etc. Took it to his lawyer, who informed him interesting reading but can't use it, since he did not have her permission to log her conversations, nor did he have a court order to do so.
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    In offering a professional opinion on the matter, privacy law expert Frederick Lane said he questioned whether Clara Walker could legitimately claim that her privacy had been compromised on a computer she openly shared with her husband.

    In this case I would say the computer used isn't relavant. If she had been using outlook and he opened it up, this wouldn't be the problem because she wouldn't have the expectation or privacy there. The question is that he "hacked" her gmail account. So my thinking would be that the outcome of this goes back to how he got her password, which the article doesn't exactly specify. Just that he used skills as a computer technician.
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    What a perfect article for mis-use of government funds. With all the problems that Michigan has you'd think that this would be something they wouldn't bother with. This ranks up their with the poor kid from North Jersey from a few years back. @17 (a junior) was dating a freshmen (14) he turned 18 and another girl who wanted to date him turned him in for statutory ****. Even though the parents did not want to press charges the prosecutor went ahead and was able to get a conviction. He got 1 year in jail 2 years probation and now has to register under Megan's Law. Someone needs to put a check on prosecutor conduct as they think they can do what they want in regards to the law.
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