Strangest things you've heard people call a PC?

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I thought the worst was when people called the entire thing a CPU, but then today someone was checking on the progress of their spyware infected machine and actually refered to it as a "motor". I just kind of said "yes", not really hearing the first time, but they kept calling it a motor! I was confused and really had no idea what they were talking about...I only knew that I hadn't gotten a motor from anyone recently. After talking for a minute and them asking "Is it done?", I said "Is what done?", they finally described it as"the motor that you put the hard drives and stuff in?" It dawned on me that they were talking about that pc... icon_lol.gif

Just thought I'd share. icon_wink.gif

Can anyone top that?


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    I get quite a few people calling it a f***ing piece of s**t. Don't know if that counts icon_lol.gif
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    I just worry when they start calling it Darling


    Of course, to some of my clients they call it Spawn of Satan or something similar when all turns to custard icon_wink.gif
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    they call it Spawn of Satan or something similar

    I think we've all called them that at some point. icon_wink.gif
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    People call mine the vacumn....but thats probably cuz i have about 630 CFM of air going through it and around 60+ decibels of sound.
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    Ive had people say 'theres a Windows error message on the TV'
  • /usr/usr Member Posts: 1,768
    Ive had people say 'theres a Windows error message on the TV'

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    Thanks to my (in)ability to keep my case closed up, The Beast is what mine gets called, although, I claim it doesn't look that bad, just a few wires here and there......
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    I know an IT person that calls it the brain. She knows that it is actually the computer.

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    I've heard alot of people call the tower "the hard drive" This is off the topic but I had a lady that thought her newly purchased fax wasn't working becasue the paper would scan and come out the other end. She thought the paper was supposed to be sucked through the phone wire to the destination. icon_eek.gif
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    She thought the paper was supposed to be sucked through the phone wire to the destination.

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    She thought the paper was supposed to be sucked through the phone wire to the destination. icon_eek.gif

    Hahaha. Thats funny.
    I've heard people call the computer the 'Hard Drive" , The "CPU", a "Pentilum", and other weird names.
    Hard Drive is the most annoying name, because you can spend 20 minutes on the phone with someone telling you there hard drive is having problems, then realize there just talking about there computer as a whole. Lol.

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    you guys are so funny
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    dontecho wrote:
    you guys are so funny

    :D Yeah! and also if called that "box" icon_eek.gif
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    I've heard people call it the 'tube' even when referring to the tower.
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    icon_rolleyes.gif I work as a support tech at an ISP so i get it called a lot of things. Harddrive seems popular. I had one lady call the tower the monitor and the monitor the hard drive, this was a very confusing phone call as i had to reapeatedly tell her that the tower is not a monitor, it got ot eh point where i just reffered the monitor as the "picture box" as she was trying to plug everything into the back of that........her original problem was getting her computer all ready to use the net. One thing led to another an i jst told her to bring it in. Very long story icon_cry.gif
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    At my previous job I heard a lot of people call the tower the "modem". Try troubleshooting that on the phone when you're working at a repair shop/ISP.
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    Heard someone call the cd-rom the coffee cup holder.

    Was a recording from a call-tech support center.

    Person called up cmplainging the drink holder broke. took the tech a couple minutes before he figured it out and was crying he was laughing so hard. So was the Senior help that was listening/training the tech support guy.
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    rentaghost wrote:
    Ive had people say 'theres a Windows error message on the TV'

    Don't be surprised when this becomes entirely too accurate in the coming years ;)
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    My favorite is when I ask users to reboot their computer and all they do is turn the monitor off and back on. The best is when the client says that they rebooted the PC and they still have the same error message on their screen.
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    Yeah, I hate it when the caller lies to you. Rat bastards think they know more than we do. Making people reboot their computer was my favorite punishment for callers who insisted on not listening to what I said. 'Oh, you clicked on that? Well, that's going to screw things up, I need you to reboot and we'll start over'. It's amazing how many of them let me get away with it.
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    Where I worked before we had alot of customers calling things wrongfully, but especially one comes to mind.
    This person did not call the computer strange things, but the hardware got some funny names as he asked wich Proffessor he should use, and another time he had trouble with his ANUS P2B motherboard. icon_lol.gif
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    i heard someone call the monitor a computer head before :)
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    My favorite term is "network blip". Or, when I tell someone there is no ETR (Estimated time of repair), and they say, "Oh. okay then. Well do you know when it will be back up?"

    Oh yeah.
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