ipads! can they???

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Hi all hope you all had a christmas and planning a stella new year.

My girlfriend is needing a new laptop and looking at replacing a laptop with a ipad, but im not sure it can do a few things so wondering if someone who owned one could answer a few things for me :)

1: Can you run itunes on a ipad with the music files on a usb drive?

2: can you hook up a camera and take files off (Never owned a mac so no
idea if drivers etc are preinstalled or if downloads are needed)

3: speaker quility, if itunes does work

4: i take it you can just attack a normal usb storage device and read data from it?

She wants to be able to do pretty basic stuff, email web browsing, but likes to sell things on ebay hence the need to attach the camera and load on the pics.. listen to some itunes and thats about it.. Im not sure that any of the tablets can do this to be honest so if anyone has some exp pls chip in :)




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    Apple has a solution for the iPad’s missing SD card slot and USB port: adapters

    I dont have one, but found the above info. Ipad 2.0 is SUPPOSED to have a camera built in, so might want to wait for that announcement in the early spring.
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    I believe you can do some of those things, however, from what I understand all of them require add on hardware which will run you a bit of money. Don't have hands on with them but I do know that Apple loves to nickle and dime you on the extras.
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    I would say no, she won't be happy with the iPad as her only computer. It does some things very well but it still isn't as flexible as a proper computer. Get her a laptop or a netbook of some kind.

    1. It is unlikely that it will be happy to play music off an external drive of some kind as for every other iDevice the iPod application requires the music to have been loaded in via iTunes so all the files are in the correct locations and listed in the database.

    2. If it is a MSC USB device then you should be able to but if her camera is one of the ones that need a special driver then no. You'd need the adapter anyway.

    3. No idea.

    4. Copy files to do what exactly? You won't have your regular software suite on there.
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