Need some help for CCNA preperation! *READ*

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Hello everyone, I was in the cisco computer networking academy for 2 years at my high school and i am now graduating. I took some practice CCNAs, and well i know the basics down pact, but jeez theres alot of stuff i did not know! We did router sims and what not in class fairly often so i feel pretty comfortable programing a router, access lists im a little scratchy on though. But anyways i need some good recourses to study with, Whats a good book you reccomend buying to study for the CCNA? :D i plan on reviewing and studying for about 2 weeks before i go take it, so i think i have a good chance of passing it with the knowledge i allready know and what i will review for after i get a good book. I have took the practice tests on here and i made a 75 on the router commands part, but the big 50 question review i only made a 50, so i need to brush up a little i believe. So please give me some ideas on whats a good study book to buy for the current CCNA exam 640-607! Thanx alot and God Bless!



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    I recommend you get the latest CCNA study guide from Todd Lammle or the ICND from Cisco Press. Good luck! And let us know if you have any questions...
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    I purchased the Cisco CCNA exam #640-607 Certification Guide by Wendell Odom, Its the official study guide for it... Is this a good copy or should i return and get the other one?
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    Do you have the one with 1050 pages or the big fat one wit 2200 pages? Either should be sufficient though. But I always suggest reading some additonal material. Such as our TechNotes, documentation at Cisco and pretty much everything else for the exam topics you can get your hands on.
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