advantages of MCDST?

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I recently got my A+ certification, so now I have A+ and Network+. I was looking into what certification I might want to tackle next.

My question is that since MCDST is also known as an entry-level cert along with A+ and Network+, what would be the advantages to getting a MCDST, rather than going "up the ladder" to an MCSA for example?

The MCDST seems to cover similar material to the A+/Net+ so it seems as good transition to Microsoft certs. If I wanted to get an MCSA eventually wouldnt it be a bit redundatnt to get a MCDST as well, since I already have the elective requirement for the MCSA done?


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    I did mine because it is a cert that basically applies for helpdesk and field techs and since I'm looking for an entry level job in IT I thought it would be beneficial to me.

    It also is a cert entirely devoted to Supporting end users of Windows XP, which I thought was a good advantage. It does cover a few redundant topics covered in 70-270, but personally I think repetition is a good way to learn if you can't get the hands on, and it is making my studies for 70-270 easier.

    MCDST with your A+ is a very good combination, because Microsoft imo should require A+ to achieve this cert because they do go hand in hand in some ways. Good luck whatever you decide.
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    I would prety much say the same. While it hasn;t grabbed hold of everyones interest yet, it does show that you would know XP very well. And it may help with entry level jobs. I'm halfway there, just trying to find time to finish the other exam.
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    I have the same question too. I passed my A+ certification two days ago and am in the process of deciding what certification to pursue next. I am wondering if I can do MCDST without doing Network+? (I am a graduate student in the sociology department in U.S. I have been working as a help desk support in my department's computer lab for my assitantship, I don't really need to know alot of networking for my work).
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    You should be able to pass MCDST without Net+. Check out the objectives, and what's covered, see how much you already know, pick up a good book, or the free M$ training. This cert is not holding the clout M$ thought it would, even after my previous post, that hasn't changed.
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    The credential is geared toward supporting end-users in a windows xp environment. Since XP is the mainstream OS, most companies are requiring advanced knowledge of it. Windows 2000 is most dominant nowadays and for the most part winxp are for your laptop users.

    My opinion is that it doesnt hurt to have this credential. In my career path, I chose to do it to merely to enhance my abilities and put another credential on my resume. For me, it give me an upperhand to take any Sr Helpdesk position or supervisor job.

    For any entry level career, it will be more recognized than a MCP. Just remember that your job function is ultimately to support end-users.
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    I think it's still a good skill to have. It can't hurt to get a cert. I'm still even comtemplating in getting the MCDST even though I already have my MCSA. It's good general knowledge on the Windows XP operating system. The more you know the better you are. Also I'm thinking about taking the upgrade exam for MCSA 2003, so learning about XP will help in my studies there. I know everyone has their opinion on this cert but I would have to say it's a good start for anybody that has never taken a Microsoft test before. But if you got it and know it, jump on the MCSA/MCSE bandwagon and start passing the tests.
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    Thank you everyone for the helpful advice. I checked out the objectives for Net+ and it seems that there are alot of overlap with A+. So I decided to give it a try. I wonder if it is difficult to pass since I don't deal with network alot at my department's computer lab?
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