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Just got Sec+ Net+! Took the Net+ on a Friday and Sec+ on a Saturday. I was putting it off until the end, but my wife pushed me on to take them before the vouchers expired.

I was a bit let down with the Sec+ exams, it seemed easier than my exam prep with Sybex. A bunch of questions on simple stuff like phishing (like you need more than one question on that). But on the other hand, what a relief, I wasn't able to pass my practice exams, but luckily the real thing wasn't as bad.

Another thing, I took the exams here in China, so I got a 50% discount. So, if you ever decide to travel, check out places where you can take cheaper exams. And yes, it was in English!

Now where do I go from here? I'm an economics teacher with a passion for IT. I'm prepping for CTP+, but where can I get materials??????

Good luck for all those trying to cert before the December deadline,

Seb :)
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