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Good Morning everyone, As I sit here in my office I come to a fork in the road. I bought my Sec+ voucher a few months ago and procrastinated until now to take the test. With the big switch coming in January making it only good for 3 years I obviously wanted to get it done before then. My appointment for the test is tomorrow at 2pm and although I have done some minimal studying with reading some of Darrils book and watching some CBT Nuggets I still feel that there is plenty I need to go over. I start thinking because if I go in there tomorrow and fail ("and I even hate saying that because every cert I own has been achieved on the first attempt") then I have wasted the money for the voucher and will have to do it over. Part of me feels that I am NOT ready and shouldnt rush it, yea I will have it done in January no problem but it will only be good for 3 years? "Is that a big deal?" I mean at my current job I am the IT Director and they want you to stay current on your certs. How valuable today is a Net+ from 1996? So it wouldnt be too bad of an idea to get it at the first of the year and just renew in 3years right? I am just at a loss here fellas and you have helped me through tough times before really need some help. Please anyone? I need to start installing these new servers I will check back in a bit. Thanks in advance!! icon_thumright.gif
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    You can read Darril's book in six to ten hours, so I would put everything on hold and read the book tonight and tomorrow and test on Thursday. You have plenty of time. Go for it. Compared to Network+, Security+ was a breeze.
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    This is completely a matter of your own preference.

    Given that youve stated that they want current certifications, having a CE enrolled Security+ cert would be good, because, when renewed, will bring your Net+ current as well. However, a CCENT basically overshadows the Net+ anyway imo. If you are going for anything higher up on the Security food chain further down the road, keeping a lifetime Sec+ would be perfectly fine.

    Its all about your cert path. and what YOU WANT to have, or what your employer REQUIRES you have, as current certs.
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    I would try and knock it out so you dont have to worry about retaking an ankle-biter test again in 3 years. But then again, if you arent comfortable with the material after studying, then it may be better to wait just so you arent wasting money.
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