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I am looking for some good reading material to learn/study for the v3 Foundation exam. I dont want to spend an arm and a leg on it since many of you have stated that it wasnt terribly difficult to pass. However, I do want to make sure I learn it pretty well so I know a little about what is going on if I try and demonstrate it at work.

There are tons of books on amazon. Can anyone recommend 1 or 2 that are informative without being a tough read? Or any free material online?



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    I used this book to pass the foundation exam a few years ago. The new updated version of the book can be found here.

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    Do either of these books come with a disk? If so then I will look for new. I hate to buy a used book and then the disk is missing from the back of it!!
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    The books that I posted, "No". The one that Repro Man posted about, not sure. It doesn't look like it as it comes with an online course.

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    NinjaBoy wrote: »
    I used this book to pass the foundation exam a few years ago. The new updated version of the book can be found here.


    That is the book I should of bought

    I went with this one Click Here the ITIL lifecycle, both are by the OGC.

    What really helped me for the ITIL exam was a study guide my buddy let me borrow when he went to New Horizons and took the exam. He is a manager and I am not so he had his paid for :/
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    There are also some decent practice tests on taruu :: home
    NSX, NSX, more NSX..

    Blog >>
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    Thanks guys. I will keep you posted on how the test goes when I get around to taking it!
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    The book I used was -

    APMG-Business Books ~ Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam
    which is supposedly now dis-continued as they have come out with the 2nd Edition. But it is still available to be bought online elsewhere. And I passed my test using this just recently so I guess it should still serve the purpose.

    The new 2nd Edition of the same book is below (~£20 and seems to be better as it explains everything using a Case Study)-
    APMG-Business Books ~ Passing your ITIL Foundation Exam - 2nd Edition

    My Preparation –

    I bought the book (1st Edition for £15) below and read it end to end couple of times, did mock exams and worked on weak areas along with the mock exams.

    Blog/Website about ITIL v3 foundation exams
    Pass the ITIL V3 Foundation exam in six easy and (almost) free steps | The IT Skeptic

    Mock Exams
    ITIL Version 3 certification: eight sources of free ITIL V3 Foundation practice exams, and some ITIL Version 2 sources too! | The IT Skeptic
    I did only the Datajar sample exams which is more than sufficient.

    Datajars sample exams (doing this is more than sufficient)
    itilcampus: ITIL

    Scroll down in the above link There is course (ITIL v3 Foundations certification exam preparation - Free ITIL v3 Foundations Mock Exams) You will need to register which is free. Very good and more than sufficient.

    And BTW I had working knowledge and experience in the Industry.

    Good Luck!
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