How to send Video File using Multicast.

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The company that I work for is going to start sending a weekly video to 400 branches and i was ask if we can use multicast to send these videos. My impression was that you can use multicast to stream video or video-on-demand, but not to push files. if I can, how do I accomplish that? Router config, of course, what application to use to send the file? Thanks in advance.
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    Multicast isn't about pushing out the file, you'd basically be telling each branch to use a certain multicast address to connect to, served by one or more multicast servers.

    You could potentially do it via VLC, here's an example in this video: -

    Multicast - Streaming Demo on Vimeo

    It may not be the best solution, and it probably wouldn't scale up well, but you'd at least learn the basic configuration, and could move up to better multicast servers past that.
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