I failed the ICND2 - captain hindsight

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Yes, I did fail the ICND2 last week and would like to discuss why this happened and hopefully help and be helped to prepare for the second at bat.

I passed the ICND1 a few weeks prior with a very good score. With this confidence boost I studied the ICND2 objectives, got a 94% on the Boson ICND2 practice test and went into the testing center very confident.

The real test looked absolutely nothing like the practice test. In depth scenario questions that took me way too long to figure out. The sims weren't bad but time management killed me as I finished with 5 unanswered.

I understand why Cisco times there tests this way but I know this material...frustration

If anyone has nailed the ICND2 and has some advice for me it would be greatly appreciated before I step back up to the plate.

whats the best practice exam out there? What should I focus on? :D


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    Always study the exam blueprint to determine what you need to know to pass the exam. It is not about the practice exams.
    How much lab time did you do, do you have access to real hardware?

    The breakdown on the exam report should highlight what cost you points and the areas you need to focus on. Time management is a big one and since you left 5 questions unanswered, then it is possible that cost you a pass, but since you did not list your score, we do not know how close or far away you were from the pass.

    And always use more than one source of information to prepare for the exam.
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    Not alot of lab time but I feel pretty comfortable with the IOS. I have a little Cisco 850 that I practice on however it has no serial interface which hurt me in the frame relay config section of the test.

    A physical lab environment would be ideal. Not sure where to go about finding one to practice in..
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    This is a great thread please keep leaving advices!
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    I used Packet Tracer for taking my ICND1 exam and scored very well. Reading other posts, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you should be able to become a CCNA using Packet Tracer for your labs(?)

    I'd get real equipment myself, but with a new baby, just can't find the moolah!

    Good luck on your studies
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    Yeah, I used PT for my CCNA. GNS3 is helping me with CCNP, but I also have loads to lab gear that work is allowing me to play with.

    I guess the best advice I can give would be to read over the blue print and make sure you know each and every topic inside and out. What I would do is read the topic and visualize myself setting up or answering what they ask. If I was stumped I would put a check on it and restudy until I could visualize myself doing it.
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    Monkerz, thanks for the "visualization" advise. I like the practicality of that.

    Because of the length or depth of a lot of the questions I found myself losing track of what some of the questions were really asking me and then having to back track which cost me precious time.

    Anyone else have issues with this? Any advise on maybe strategies for this?
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