Passed Sec+!!

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Passed this morning with a cool 869/900. Used Darril's book, highly reccomended. I would of gotten higher I'm sure due to one question I changed my dog gone answer on. I didn't cram, I did read the book cover to cover. For me none of it was really that new, but I am also an MCSE.

Thing was I looked Monday morning to see what times were available to take the exam by end of the year. Turned out there was only the very next morning and that was it!! I immediately ordered the discount voucher from CompTIA that was mentioned in this forum. It took about an hour to get it in email. Got home and read the last 2 chapters of the book and hoped for the best. Chapter 9 is defnitely my favorite as the way he broke things down makes it easy to comphrehend.

Before I went in I read the reviews at the end of each chapter and just did it. No feeling is greater than seeing Congratulations!! at the end. Exam is straight forward with some poorly worded questions, leaving me thinking what the heck are they asking??

Good luck to those still going for it!! A big thanks for all the members here as well.


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