MS loopback on Windows 7, How to make it part of Home Network?

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Ok, I have been dealing with this problem since June 2010.

Every loopback adapter I made would become part of Public network. I want it to be part of Home network, so that I can route back and forth from SDM, GNS3 and Virtual Machines(Win7 and Server0icon_cool.gif to my PC.

The problem is I can ping the loopback from my PC no problem; however, from the virtual machine and GNS3, ping doesn't work because it is not part of my Home network. I disabled my firewall and still no luck. Same goes with SDM.

The solution that I have is, it prompted me to choose what network they are belong when I disable the loopback then enable it, but that doesn't work all the time. They stayed as part of my home network as long as my PC is on, but when I shutdown my PC, I have to deal with this again the next time I turn my PC on. Disabling/enabling the loopback may or may not work make it part of my network. Sometimes I get the prompt to make it Home network, and sometime I don't.

The other way is, I forced all my loopbacks to be a Work network(Unidentified) by going Local Security Policy and make them private, but the loopbacks works on and off.

My question is, is there a way to make the loopback adapter part of Home my network permanently?
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

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