What do you use to remote access your GNS3 server?

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I have a headless box I want to use mostly for GNS3. The way I see it, you have 3 options for administering GNS3/dynamip remotely. You can use vnc, freenx, or dynamip from the command line over ssh. What do you use? I'm especially interested if you use some other method. Vnc has been a pain in the butt and I haven't got freenx working yet. (I'm using ubuntu 10.10).

Edit: Ok, the topic could have been a bit better labelled....What do you use for remote desktop access on your linux/unix/bsd machines?

Edit 2: I'm using NoMachine's free NX server and client from http://www.nomachine.com tried using freeNX, but it was too problematic.
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    Nomachine/NX works fine for me, but as far as for router emulation (Cisco, Juniper, Vyatta etc) I just use Dynamips with SSH (connecting to Qemu for the non Cisco-based routers).

    No point having the overhead of a gui there, I can squeeze out an extra couple of routers for what it takes to run GNS3 sometimes on some gear.
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