suffering from test paranoia

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Hi all,

New to the site and prepping myself for the A+ Core test (hoping to get it done sometime this month lol) I was just wondering how everyone knew when to take the test. So far, I've been surfing around taking all of the free online tests mentioned on this site (thanks to all the posters for those btw) as well as the transcender and thomson prometric tests that I have at home. I do pretty good on them, hitting the high 80's and above on a consistent basis. Maybe it's just me, and not having taken the test before but I always have a nagging feeling that I'm going to fail miserably. So how seriously do I take the results I'm getting from all the practice tests? Are they really a good indicator of the actual test material and I should get over my test paranoia and take the thing or is there something else that anyone can suggest I study or look into before taking the exam? Appreciate the help!


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    depend how rich/poor you are.

    if you can't afford retest, be as prepare as possible. else do a few online test and go for it.
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    When I took the A+ exams, I only used the practice exams that came with my book, but I did fine. If you've been over all resources you can and if you feel you're doing good on the practice exams, then go for it. Make sure you know why you missed the questions you did, on the practice exams, and you'll do just fine.

    Being nervous for your first exam is common, don't let it scare you out of taking the exam. icon_wink.gif
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    /usr wrote:
    Being nervous for your first exam is common, don't let it scare you out of taking the exam. icon_wink.gif

    Agreed. The best test-time study tool you can have is confidence.
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    Thanks for the help guys. I think I'll try to take the test. Now, a coworker of mine was mentioning that I can buy vouchers for these tests and that he personally goes through Is that a reputable site and is there another reputable site if it isn't or one that is cheaper?
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    Click on the link on the left hand menu bar that says "Exam Vouchers".

    There's you answer. icon_wink.gif
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    Heh, guess I should look over the site more closely *blushes* Hey, and it says an early expire voucher is $79! Looks like I'm testing sooner than I thought :) Thanks /usr.
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