Passed 822

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I'm pretty happy I passed. I only had 5 days to study really 4 because I didn't get any studying done on Christmas!

Thanks to finding this site via google on the 2nd day I started studying. I used a CompTIA All-In-One Book and the DG kindle book everyone swore by!

Next is graduation from College and get a few more certs under my belt before then.


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    The dead skins suck.LOL
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    tink334 wrote: »
    The dead skins suck.LOL

    Indeed.. But I think we'll be good in 2-3 years
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    Congratz on the Pass !!!! icon_cheers.gif
    Currently working on:
    1) Master in CyberSecurity at
    2) ICND1

    2011 goals:
    ICND2 ( End Feb 2011?)
    70-680: (End of March 2011)
    70-640: ????
    70-642: ????
    70-643: ????
    70-647: ????

    BS ITM
    Bachelor of Business Administration
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    Venturing in to the Unknown

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    tink334 wrote: »
    The dead skins suck.LOL

    Boo Hiss!!! I am a life long Skins fan and the last few years haven't been the greatest but we are not the lions or the raiders. And hey the worst that can happen is we tie with the Cowboys as far as record. Sure it is last place but still... Give us a couple years of Dan Snyder not making football decisions and we will be good.

    And Congrats RedskinsFan on passing and being a Redskins fan through the tough years.
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    Congrats and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! These are lean times but we'll get through them (provided Shanny's ego deosn't eclipse the franchise itself)!!!
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