The final countdown!

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My network+ exam is tomorrow at 3pm! i cannot wait to get outta the test center, sigh, smile and have a cig. I've been studying really hard since mid October till now using Sybex, CBT Nugs and Mr.Messer and alotta note taking. Been at barnes n noble reading every net+ book for the past week maybe 4-5 hrs a day! and thats when so many things just started clicking!
You guys have no idea how happy i was when i learned to subnet in my head in like 5 seconds! Honestly, i cant wait.

so the question is, any last minute pointers? im not trying to pull a Tony Hawk here(do a 900 lol) but definitely wanna prove that all my studying went to good use. What should i be reviewing right now and what should i really remember? what topics are there gonna be alotta questions about?

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    If you have put that much time into this, i would say back off a bit, give your brain a half a day. Relax in the morning. The last thing you want to do is burn it out right before the test. Do some light review on cable lengths and media types, as that is what I did, but for the most part just try to relax today, breathe easy, no amount of cramming just before the test will make that much of a difference, you either know it or you don't by now. The exam isnt hard, just go in confident, and light that em effer up!
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