Passed with an 807!!!!

94jedi94jedi Member Posts: 177
Woohoo so I took the test yesterday and passed w/ an 807. I put in maybe 10 hours of studying total in the 2 weeks I had to prep for it. I bought Darril's book but I honestly didn't read it cover to cover. I just read the main topics I knew I needed help on. I watched his online vids and although they didn't offer much detail, I really gained a better understanding of cryptography. I also used the technotes on this site as well as Darril's test prep questions. I also used the practice tests on this site. There were also a few other videos I watched on youtube on different topics such as SSL and different attacks.

Overall, it wasn't a difficult test but certainly not one to be taken lightly. The good thing was that in almost every question, you could elimate 2 of the choices as being completely irrelevant to the question. From there, assuming you had some knowledge of what was being asked, you could deduce the answer. I only had about 3 questions that I really had no clue what the answer was. There were about 60 questions I was 100% sure of, then another 20 that I was "fairly" sure of. The rest I simply had to figure out as I went along.

Use Darril's book, look over the technotes here, take the test prep's here and use youtube for vids on any topics you're unsure of and I think anyone can pass this test without too much effort.


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