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So i finally decided to Take my A+... On December 9th i found this forum and also found out about the lifetime being over on the First... that gave me 3 weeks to prepare for and Pass the 701 and 702..

Here we are 3 weeks later and WOOT... I did it!!

I took 701 last week and got a 856

Took 702 Yesterday and passed with a 887!!!! YAAAAY!!

Not sure what to take next... are people doing next... should i NET+, Sec+ Server+, or jump over to Microsoft since the others will not be lifetime?

Need a lil advice here.. thankx



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    badboyeeebadboyeee Member Posts: 348
    what is your IT experience like?? You scored pretty high on the A+ so seems like you have some icon_biggrin.gif Did you want to specialize in anything??
    2011 Certification Plans so far:
    [Cisco: CCENT (ICND1)-> CCNA (ICND2)]

    Class taking:
    [Cisco NetAcademy - Network Fundamentals (35%)]

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    [CBT Nuggets - CCENT w/ Jeremy (50%)]
    [CBT Nuggets - 20-721 (40%)
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