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Took the test today at 2:30 PM, passed with 845 / 900. I knew I was going to pass once I was halfway through, but I wasn't sure by how much. I'm happy with my score. That's A+ and Network+ this month. Phew.

I used:
Mike Meyers CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition
Professor Messer Videos

I also read parts of Todd Lammle's Network+ Study Guide.

Todd's book was more to the point, and seemed to be better. It went in to deeper detail than was needed for the test (which is never a bad thing).

Mike's book was O.K., I think you could pass studying it alone, but I doubt you'd score extremely well.

The Professor Messer videos were excellent quick supplementary materials for either of the books.

Obviously the more you already know about networking, protocols, and security the less material you will need to go over to pass.


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    Congratulations! Your score was higher than mine too..I passed with 829. I always have a hard time dealing with the exam psychology...

    I call that an awesome way to end the old year adn begin the new one!

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