Need help with an Audio problem :/

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Alright so i have my Compaq Presario Sr5130nx, with processor AMD 64 x2 3800+, 4 gigs of RAM, running windows Vista 32 bit and i used to have a GeFroce 8600 GT but since got new games for x-mas i decided to upgrade the card. I got a ATI MSI Radeon HD 5670 1 Gig. I took out the old one, snapped it the brand new one, loaded the drivers and everything, but my Playback devices only show one output, being the HDMI port on the Video card. I have tried multiple things. rolling back drivers, installing generic ones, the only way that i get my on-board analog audio devices to show, is if I take out the Graphics card.


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    First thing first, how did you install the display driver?
    Did you uninstall the Nvidia display drivers before you install the ATI display drivers?
    Have you check the Device Manager if there is a yellow mark under Sounds...?

    I would guess that the ATI drivers overwrites the Realtek when the 5670 is being used.
    Try to check the ATI's display driver, by right clicking the desktop and choose the ATI's display driver properties. Sorry I'm not familiar with ATI graphics card.

    I found this thread ATI HD 5000 Series Known Problems (5870 5850 5770 5750 5670 5570 5450) - AVS Forum
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    From the Windows sound control panel / playback right-click any of the listed devices and tick 'show disabled devices' and 'show disconnected devices'. If your other outputs are listed but disabled, enable. If they show as disconnected start digging into their own control panels, they might have an option for auto-sensing vs. manual or summat like that.
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