what do you think about my coverletter ?

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hi guys,

As a recent graduate in Statistics , I am trying to get into IT.
I am looking for a Data Analyst / Analyst / Risk Analyst position .
Usually this is how my application looks like .

all suggestions about my coverletter and resume are welcome

Re: Data Analyst

Please consider my application for the Business Analyst position as advertised on simplyhired.com.
I strongly feel that you have found the right candidate given my unique academic background, experience and personality traits.
As a recent graduate in Statistics from UofT, I have gained solid analytical and problem solving skills through academic projects. I am proficient with MS Office, matlab, python, SQL, SAS and R.
Additionally, I worked as a market research analyst with UofT Rotman of Commerce. This position allowed me to enhance my data analysis and research skills by creating a program that would collect salary and star ranking data for a list of actors and by learning new data mining functions.
Personality wise, I have acquired outstanding communication skills and interpersonal skills through tutoring for than one year as a private math tutor. By providing helpful comments and explaining mathematical ideas to students, I managed to improve their performance and fostered their interest in mathematics.
I am excited to work for Mercer, to pursue a career as a Data Analyst in an energetic environment with opportunity for growth.

Thank you for your consideration,

EDUCATION University of Toronto September 2005- April 2010
• Honours Bachelor of Science Major in Statistics and Physical Sciences
Academic background:
 Strong knowledge of mathematics and statistics as a senior student in Statistics and Physical Sciences at the University of Toronto
 Relevant Courses: Probability Theory, Regression Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Time Series, Multivariable Statistics, Experimental Design , Sample Survey

 Proficient in MS Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint
 Knowledge of database language SQL
 Well experienced with SAS ,R and python

 Good communication skills and interpersonal skills through working as private tutor
 Strong research and data analysis skills gained while working as market research analyst
 Broad knowledge of statistical softwares acquired through academic projects
 Able to understand new concepts quickly
 A self motivated and independent learner

Relevant Course Work

Time Series Project:
A study on the magnitude of earthquake using SAS

 Transformed data into biannual data plots
 Identified parameters for model by looking at ACF/PACF
 Tested data for stationarity with ADF/PP test
 Checked model adequacy with AIC/SBC criterion
 Forecasted earth quake magnitude using fitted model
 Summarized, interpreted and communicated analysis results

Experimental Design Project:
Experiments with random factors using R , low-vapour deposition of polysilicon

 Estimated the variability due to wafer position and the random error component
 Analyzed the residuals from the experiment
 Tested model adequacy with Normal QQ-plot and residual plots
 Used ANOVA to test for differences in wafer positions
 Determined based on ANOVA results that wafer positions affect film thickness
 Wrote technical report summarizing results

Private math tutor June 2009- July 2010 • Assisted students with homework by providing comments and answering questions with patience
• Assigned and marked supplemental questions to develop student’s mathematical skills
• Improved students performance by clarifying mathematical ideas
• Encouraged student's interest in math with extracurricular activities

Market Research Analyst October 2009-February2010 UofT-Rotman School of Management,
Toronto, ON
• Developed program using python to download salary data and star ranking data
• Gathered salary data and star ranking data for a list of actors
• Solved technical issues by program testing and debugging
• Researched about Data Mining functions in python
• Organized data using MS Excel

Office Clerk January 2004-May 2004
Heart and Stroke Foundation, North York, ON
• Wrote and checked tax receipts accurately for donation
• Assembled products in an efficient manner


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