Photos of Your Home Labs Please :)

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Hi Everyone,

Can you all post photos of your home labs? My explanation is below:

I am working on my CCNA and am at the very beginning stages of pricing everything out. I have been reading these forums and looking at everyone's recommendation about what to purchase for home labs.

My understanding is that I will be okay for the CCNA if my lab has:

(2) 2600 Switches
(2) 2950 Switches
(1) 3550 (is this a Router or switch?)

*The IOS must have support for SSH
*The router must support ROAS and SDM

There is one big gap that I have though. I don't have a lot of networking experience and I want my setup to be very neat, and well-done/well-implemented. I don't have a lot of desk space and I have never rack moutned before.

If anyone and everyone who has a home lab for CCNA or CCNP could post a photo of how they have done the physical organization and possible rack mounts I would really appreciate it. As well as the links where they like to buy their products I would really apreciate it.

Likely I will not have a big budget at all, but I want to see what will get me started without turning my home into a wired mess. For the CCNA I want to really do things right since I am going to be focussing on this as my long term career goal of netowrk engineering.

Thanks Everyone!

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