Passed Sec+ Exam! YEAH!!!

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Passed Sec+ Exam!

Good news everybody: Thanks to rogue2shadow one of my best friends for his support, to everyone on TE, and DG's book!!! Second stepping stone achieved (and just in time)!

Bad news: I received a low score of 781. Not very proud of that...but I know it was because of my own poor time management skills and last-minute studying. another Lesson learned!


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    n2wishin wrote: »
    Bad news: I received a low score of 781. Not very proud of that...

    You guys' standards are too high... A pass is a pass. No employer cares at all about what score you got. That's why you got to do what I do: Study the absolute minimum so you are so racked with so much nervousness, fear, low expectations, and doubt that even simply just passing is a great thrill. No, I'm kidding, that's bad advice. But seriously, I still think a lot of people's expectations are too high... Congrats, anyways.
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    Congrats bro! Well earned :) It's not an easy exam.
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    Agreed if it was sooooo easy than there would be no point to celebrate getting the cert. I know I celebrated.... a lot!!! drunken_smilie.gif

    Congratz on the pass and enjoy a double wammy celebration with your new cert and new year!
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    Congrats on the pass and remember a pass is a pass!
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