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I have Windows 7 professional, and have had it installed for nearly a year now. Lately it has decided that it doesn't like to come out of hibernation or sleep mode. I get the starting windows screen, and then it just goes to a black screen and will sit for hours. If I power down and reboot, I can get it to load up. I've done some poking around online but not found much. I'm thinking I should just end up reinstalling, but that doesn't sound like much fun.

Any ideas?

I also had some problems with my C: disk recently where it wanted to run a chkdsk, but the chkdsk would never run. I eventually tried to run chkdsk with an XP boot disc, but apparently XP can't see partitions formatted with NTFS using windows 7. I ended up plugging into another windows 7 machine and running the check disk. Fixed a bunch of stuff and now I'm not bothered when booting the computer anymore.

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    Is the graphics card an ATI card? Either way sounds like maybe updating the graphics driver would be the first thing I'd try. If seen issues like this although more related to booting up and getting a black screen right after the windows loading screen. (9 times out of 10 that I've seen this its an ATI card in there)

    Also, why does it do it with sleep mode? sleep mode should not be bringing up the windows loading screen at all and should either prompt for your login or just come back right away.

    If its just hibernation, you could try disabling hibernation and reboot, then turn it back on. Turning it off and rebooting will delete the hiberfil.sys file which could be causing a problem.
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    Is the laptop's firmware up to date? One of the most common reasons I see for firmware updates are power management issues, including sleep issues.
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    It's an NVIDIA Geforce something, I forget the exact model but I can look tonight and post if it would be helpful.

    This was all working fine until after the chkdsk. I don't recall if it was right after or a day later.

    I haven't updated anything in months, but I can do a check to see if anything new is out.

    Thanks for all of the tips

    I will try disabling hibernation tonight to see what that does.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    Have you tried disabling the wireless?
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    Pratt2 wrote: »
    Have you tried disabling the wireless?

    It didn't occur to me that this might help, but I can give it a try. Right after the starting windows screen the wireless comes on and the screen goes black, so maybe you are onto something.

    As for disabling and enabling hibernation, it didn't do anything.

    Thanks for the ideas guys bowing.gif
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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