Taking Core Tomorrow Morning...

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After a couple weeks of studying, I scored 75% on mcmcse.com's 270 questions last nite, and 90% on 50 mcmcse.com questions tonite. I think I'm ready! Same plan for OS after I (hopefully) pass Core tomorrow--a couple good weeks of study, many many practice tests, and when I am in the 75% range--it's off to certify!!

Cramsession.com was the first IT Cert web site I found, and I paid $20 for their A+ study guides and printed them out. I haven't gone through the OS stuff much, but I found their notes for Core to be overly generalized while at the same time being far too lengthy. I guess it was a good starting point but the stuff I found for free (like the gems here) was way better!

Alright, well hopefully by noon tomorrow I'll be 1/2 A+ certified...


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    Good Luck!

    Although, IMO, I would have waited until I was scoring in the 90% range.
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    Ricka182 wrote:
    Good Luck!

    Although, IMO, I would have waited until I was scoring in the 90% range.

    passing for the A+ exam seems to be in the 65% range... are the real tests that much more difficult than the practice exams?

    edit: oh, and thanks for the good luck!!! icon_smile.gif
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    Best of luck to you!
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    so i just found something interesting in an article on certcites.com. apparently, the A+ test is "adaptive." so if you get something wrong, it's going to ask you more about that thing... well, that has me a tad bit nervous, but i've got plenty of coffee in me and i feel good... so here goes.
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    PASSED! Score of 786. It was way easier than I thought it would be.

    Thanks all!
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    The good luck is kinda late, so congrats!
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    congratulations, I passed today also.
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