Linux+ prep/study time (LPI 2009 Version)

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on prep time for the Linux+ (LX0-101 and LX0-102) exams. I've been "playing" with Linux for about 4-5 months now and I've been in a "junior" Linux admin type role for about 2 months. I've been installing systems, setting facl rights, restarting services, some CUPS admin, etc...

How much study time do you think I should give to each test? I feel pretty comfortable with the concepts, but I know there is a lot of memorization involved too. I'm not looking to just blow threw it and pass; I really want to absorb everything.



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    I would go through the objectives and find anything you feel you don't have a very good grasp of and study it from resources on the Web. Then get a practice test from Transcender or SelfTest Software and take a practice exam to see how you do. Then start studying the objectives via resources on the web. Someone in your current position should find the exam pretty easy to prepare for.

    I would also suggest starting a resource thread for those exam designations, if one has not already been started. If one has been started add to it.
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    Thanks for your reply! I actually have the Cybex Linux+ Complete guide already and I obviously intend to read through that. Since most people seem to do the book thing I'm curious of the amount of time most people spend reading and then reviewing for the test.
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    I have not purchased a book for an "entry level" cert since I took the MCDST exams. Once you get a certain level of experience getting a book that covers certain certification, like Linux+ or the Microsoft client OS exams, is just a wate of money. It's much better to spend the cash on a very good reference and study to the objectives. I have pretty minimal Linux skills and took the Linux+ 2009 when it was in beta. It's a different test than the one you are taking, but I passed with pretty minimal study. Reveiwed commands and did some lab work. So I think for someone who works with Linux diaily, which I really do not - just manage a few boxes with OpenSUSE and CentOS, it should be pretty easy to cover the objectives.

    I think getting a cert specific book in this case would be nothing more than a security blanket and that's not to say that isn't nice to have, especially when this is your first cert exam. Is that the case?
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