December 12, 2010 - Reston, VA - PASSED

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I was coming down with a cold and heavily medicated myself Saturday evening.

Maybe got 3 hours of sleep?

Anyway, just found out today that I passed.

I used the SANS 414 OnDemand class. Spent 2 months studying.

Went through each domain in order, taking the assessment after each one. I then used the paper questions they send with the books to re-test.

Later, I did all of the questions at once (400) just to test my stamina.

I also used CCCure.org, used about half of my free quizzes.

I work in Network Security, firewalls, IDS, proxies, etc. Have over 5 years of experience. Am thrilled to get this over with.....

Good luck to all. I totally felt like I failed, especially the little sleep I had, it was grueling, but I truly feel like it's how you pace yourself, the breaks you take, the breakfast you have, bringing snacks, taking your time, skipping questions (I skipped about 50 the first time through).

I figured if I got 80% of the 200 I did answer, and 50% of the 50 I skipped, I could pass.

I definitely felt I had memorized a lot of the vocabulary, but felt the questions weren't asked in nice and easy definitional form... Try to eliminate answers and use your best test taking skills you have!


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