Todd Lammle Sybex book reviews

rocksteadyrocksteady Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
Today I bought the:
CCNA study guide from Sybex
by Tom Lammle
"Updated Deluxe Edition w/ Virtual Lab Software"

there was a 5th edition in paperback, but this hardcover does not specify the edition number, the copyright page(copyright feb.2005) makes it look like the 4th edition. I dont know why sybex would do that.

Have any of you used this version of the book or heard anything about it?

I understand that Lammle is pretty much THE ccna author. This version of the book isnt even on Amazon yet so I couldnt look at reviews there. Hopefully this thread can help anyone who's looking for a good ccna study book.


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    fuseboxfusebox Member Posts: 87 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I find it covers all material 95% of the time. However I have come across some practice tests where there isnt enough mention of some material.

    Eg: NAT/PAT... how to configure etc.
    STP ... no commands or examples given on how its setup etc.

    Diagrams I find are sometimes not well drawn/detailed. eg: sometimes you have to flick further back to reference an original diagram to see what hes on about.
    Also Chapter 11 on WAN Technologies could do with a little more indepth info, with more examples.

    Also the end of chapter questions are not quite challenging enough.

    Ive mostly listed some areas which I find are weak in his book, but overall I find it covers the objectives very well.

    PS: I am only using the Lammle book at the moment for CCNA study
    Im a newbie.... please be easy on me.
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