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Hello, I have read icon_rolleyes.gif manageing and maintaininy your pc. But i recently just got the book A+ Certification Second Edition by Mike Meyers. I am wondering if this one isn't good enough or should i be getting A+ Certification all in one fourth edition?
If i read over the notes in here and at mcmcse.com do some practice exams and read A+ Second Edition.. Do you think that will be enough to pass?


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    No, because the book is currently on the 5th edition, which covers the curretn objectives. The 2nd edition covers older objectives, and you want to know the new stuff, because you will tested on it.
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    Evein Tho it was published in 2004?
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    My guess is that you have the A+ Certification Passport, Second Edition (December 19, 2003).
    Like Ricka182 said, the 5th edition is the latest A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (October 31, 2003).
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    Yeah, my bad...the AIO is on the 5th edition. If you are using the Passport series, the edition is different. i would recco using the AIO. The passport is only a touch of everything covered in the AIO.
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    Also, if you get the AIO book, get ready to read 1000+ pages. :D

    There are a ton of pictures, though. So the read isn't as long as it seems.
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    The thing with the AIO book is that you can pass this exam with that alone. Yes there is a bit of extra reading compared to others, however the information in the book is great for explaining how and why we do many things. While it is a book for the A+ exam it also has much more that will put you on the right path as a technician.
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