two books, different answers

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I have two books I'm working from.

1) Todd Lammle's CCNA Study Guide 4th addition
2) Richard Deal's Cisco Study Guide by McGraw Hill

I was asked a question on configuring an IP address on a 2950 switch (on a practice test). This is performed on vlan1 and both books state this. However the question was what the prompt is at this point. Todd Lammle's book says that it is:

Todd2950C(config-if)# chapter 7 page 334

Richard Deal's book says that it is:

2950(config-vlan)# chpater 7 page 310

Is it (config-if) or (config-vlan)??

I ran it through my boson simulator and it comes up (config-if). Can someone with a real switch verify this for me?


Incidently, this stuff is difficult enough with out having recourses that can't agree with one another. icon_evil.gif


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