Thoughts on ECSA (EC Council Security Analyst) Certification

I just took a free webinar today kind of previewing the class / cert. They talked a little about it building on CEH. I am thinking of moving into a security type role so this piqued my interest, but I don't hold a CEH. I asked if you can still obtain this cert without one, and the instructor said of course, it just won't be as easy. Since they hit on some of that material, and refer back to it as if you have the cert during the class.

Was curious if anyone else has gotten, or has thought about getting this or the CEH and if this may be beneficial to me if moving into a security role. is this a good cert? Does it hold up well? Should I not bother?



  • ibcritnibcritn Member Posts: 340
    CEH is actually going to have a bigger impact on getting your resume noticed because it meets DoDD 8570 requirements.

    I have never seen HR, Job postings, or any type of mention about E|CSA. Topics look fun, but for 300 bucks to throw the E|CSA on your resume I think you'll not see much ROI.

    You would likely be explaining what E|CSA is to HR, hiring managers, and good chance even the technical people that are interviewing you.

    CEH, SSCP, GIAC (GSEC, GCIH, GCIA) would help you move into a security role.
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    Well just to clarify, I have no intention of leaving my current job, so this isnt REALLY for resume building (but isnt everything?), just doesnt hurt. I was talking about the ACTUAL process of getting this certification, would it be beneficial to anyone in a security role. The topics you will learn and the information and skills you will pick up.

    My boss is a friend of mine, and if I want to move into a security role, he will make that happen for me. So I'm not worried about the resume or having to explain what the cert is to a hiring company, at least not now I'm not, I know anything could happen. but I don't PLAN on leaving here for a very long time.

    However, thank you for the tidbit on CEH, I've kind of thought to do that for a while now to see what kind of information they can convey. ive heard its a little on the dated side, but the majority of the fundamentals and more core issues it addresses are still very sound.
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