Fee for Printed Microsoft Certificates?

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In accordance with Microsoft's effort to reduce the company's carbon footprint and impact on the environment, starting June 1, 2009, all Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certificates will transition from paper to digital certificates. If an individual would like to order a printed certificate, an option will be available starting in July and will include shipping and handling fees.

Anyone know what the fee is for a printed certificate?


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    For each order you place, it's US $9.95 for the first certificate and $0.99 for the second through sixth. From the certificate ordering page accessed through the MCP Home Page:
    How much does it cost for me to order my certificates?
    Shipping and Handling are $9.95 USD for the first certificate and $0.99 USD for each additional certificate up to 6 total certificates. An Express Shipping option is available for an additional fee. During Checkout, you can view the Express Shipping costs by selecting the Express Shipping option in the Shipping Method section
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    Hm, I guess I have to create an account.
    Welcome to the Microsoft Certification Member Sites.
    You must be a certified professional and have a Windows Live ID to proceed.
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    Or you can print them yourself for nearly free
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