Virtualization Council?

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Who are these guys? "Virtualization Council"

I was at Unitek's web site hoping to get my boss to allow me to take a VCP bootcamp this year. That sort of thing. Then at the bottom of Unitek's Vmware training bootcamp I see this written
VC-VIP vSphere Certification test from virtualization council included

* Students are prepared for the VC-VIP vSphere test, and take the test at the end of the class;
* The test has more credibility because a third-party vendor neutral council offers it;

VC-VIP has more credibility than VCP? I am confused. Wait, who the heck is VC-VIP. A lot of nerve to apply the words "VIP" to their cert I was thinking.

Anyhow I goto their site and it's feels like one of the turn-key scamware sites. Even their logo is just WordArt!

So can someone prove my first instincts wrong on these guys? Seems like they are a fly by night or trying to capitalize on the fact VMware doesn't give certs without classes first.


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