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Hi Gang,

I took the Network+ exam on December 16th and the CompTIA Fulfillment page indicates the certificate was shipped on December 23rd. I still haven't received it in the mail and was curious if any of you that took it around that time frame have received yours. My Security+ kit arrived a few days after it was shipped so I'm wondering if either the new one was lost or just backlogged because of the year end rush. Thanks in advance ...


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    CompTIA says "If you do not receive your kit within 8 weeks of the mail date, please contact us for additional instructions."
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    Same here, I took it on the 13th I think, and still haven't received it. I thought it was because I'm from Canada, but apparently it just takes a while...
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    Having the same issue, took it on 12/16, says it sent out on 12/23. icon_sad.gif
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    It took mine nearly two months to arrive after is was posted as shipped. They are just slower than molasses in winter.
  • BusdriverBusdriver Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Well, it just came in the mail today ...
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    Busdriver wrote: »
    Well, it just came in the mail today ...

    My Security+ just came in the mail today as well. Awaiting my Network+.
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    patiently waiting here for my net+. passed it on the 30th.
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    I took my Net+ test of December 15th and mine said it was shipped on December 23rd. I got my welcome kit in the mail a couple of days ago. They seem to be running behind and I also bet these storms aren't helping matters.
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