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Hi Folks,

I am preparing to sit my SO exam next week and the jitters are setting in a bit. I am a bit worried because as I read the material there is little that I'm not aware of. I have over 15 years experience in IT.

In people's opinion who have done the exam, Is it relatively straightforward if you know the material or are there quite a few 'gotcha's' involved in the available answers?

Any feedback is appreciated.

I'll be doing
ST, CSI, SD and the dreaded SS after this one


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    IMO the SO exam is likely the easiest of all of the lifecycle exams. This is because most people that take this exam have some amount of operational exposure somewhere in their careers. The concepts are mature and well understood.

    I think SS is the toughest, but according to the pass rates at the moment, CSI is.

    Still, the intermediate exams are very tricky. It's very possible that you might not like some aspect of what is the 5 point answer to a question. Remember that whatever you choose must be true in the context of the scenario, and will show some measured application of best practice. Another thing that helped me with these exams is to remember that whatever we do when we apply service management best practices should result in increased accountability, improved boundaries, and increased consistency (or improvements to all three).

    Good luck...let us know how it goes.

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    Got it, 85%.

    Very tricky exam it must be said. Anyway , ST next....
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    Congratulations on the result! ST is a tricky one, but you'll be able to apply a lot of the exam technique you learnt during SO, even though the material is different.
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