CCNA Voice lab with C2801

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Hi all,

I'm sure there is about a million threads on the net about CCNA voice lab, but I think I have a specific question and couldn't get a complete answer for it yet.

I'm studying CCNA Voice just the theory still as I have lot of equipment but not sure if it is complete or do I need more bits and pieces ?
Specifically I do have:

router C2801
switch PoE C3560
switch C2950
phones - 2x 7942, 1x 7962, 1x 7975

What I don't have is FXO FXS cards, AIM-CUE and PVDM module

My question is: DO I really need the FXO FXS, AIM-CUE and PVDM module to pass the exam or is it just about "getting touch" with the modules.
I do not have a phone line at home, which means I should not need FXO FXS cards and PVDM. Not sure about AIM-CUE.

Is there anything else I would need ?
The router is already loaded with VOIP IOS and CME 4.xx

Please let me know if you do know the answer.

Thank you in advance


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    With 28 Feb fast approaching, the current CCNA:Voice (IIUC) is fast on the way out. But having done it, I still think it is extremely valuable to have.

    You can definitely skip the AIM-CUE, they are just not cost effective to add to a lab, and the IIUC barely scratches the surface on this. However in the new CCNA/NP:Voice track....

    FXS/FXO cards are handy to have and would require the PVDM module, but if you are good at "just theory" you could do without these as well.

    If following the IIUC network design to the letter, you do need an extra router to provide DHCP, but this can also be skipped and run locally on your 2801.

    I went overboard and ended up with FXO, FXS, E&M, E1, T1 and CUE, but then I go for the full hands-on approach.
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    Thanks mate,

    For the DHCP I'll use one of my 877 routers, hopefully that will do for now.
    I was just wondering about the other stuff.
    Eventually I'll get the FXO FXS cards but now I want to do it without them as you can see I've spent quiet lot of money on these already and this router needs VIC2 cards and they are about $200 each.

    I'm still planning to pass the CCNA Voice exam before end of the february so hopefully I'll get it done without the FXO FXS cards.

    Thank you again icon_thumright.gif
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