Failed 70-649 today - looking for help

I took test 70-649 today and received the following scores:

70-640 887
70-642 650
70-643 727

To say the least I am disappointed, but thankfully I have a free second shot at it. I must admit I hate the format of this test, since each section had only 20-25 questions. There is little margin for error, and I wish now I had taken the three exams separately since the fees are paid for by my company.

Having said all that, I am looking for a good site that has practice questions based on 2008 R2. While I was studying using the MS Press CD and Measure Up, neither of these cover R2 at all. I know most of the basics of R2, but this exam probably had 15-20 questions that were very R2-specific with a lot of detail required. I think I did very well outside of the R2 stuff, but the R2 questions were a killer.

I also have a copy of the 2008 R2 Unleashed book, so I plan on working my way through that 1600+ page monster in detail over the next few days. I had read most of it before taking this exam, but I want to dig down in detail on some subjects...

Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Hopefully I will update this in a week or two with a pass.
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