Advice/Experience on choosing cert. upgrade path

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Hi all! It's been about 3 years since I got my MCSA on 2003 as a System Administrator for a medium sized company. I stopped because my company stopped paying for the tests, and there was no benefit to continue further. Fast forward to now and I have changed jobs into a consulting role with a firm who encourages being certified and being current.

I have poured over the MS websites and see that my 2 viable options are to take 2 tests and upgrade to MCITP: Server Administrator or take 4 tests and upgrade to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator. I think for my new role it would be better to get the EA level certification, but I'm not sure if I can realistically get it done in the next 6 months, and what kind of time commitment it is.

I suppose I could get the SA and then get the EA down the road, but that seems like it would involve some duplication of effort. Has anyone here done this? Would you do it differently if given the choice? Have the tests gotten a lot harder in the past few years? I've heard rumblings from others that they have.

Thanks in advance for your insight!


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