Log of who emails are being sent to?

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I have a user (CFO) who asked me if there is any way to see if anyone in our internal company sent an email to two specific external email addresses from our exchange server. If so, who sent the messages.

I was wondering if anyone has had to do this in the past and is more knowledgeable on this topic. Any ideas are appreciated.


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    Message Tracking Logs which are not indefinitely stored. If he wants this functionality in a more user friendly (legal team for example) and for more long term purposes than say 14 days (or whatever you configure it to), he will have to invest in an archiving solution that uses journaling functionality.
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    It is possible to do it with the message tracking tool, but it would have to be recent as royal said.
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    That is what I thought. Can you guys vouch for any good preferably free, msg tracking tools. I want to look into getting one installed.
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    I am investigating this more. Thanks for the info guys!
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