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Hey guys,

Currently studying towards upgrading my MCSA 2003 to the MCITP:SA. I'm aware the 70-648 exam covers two MCTS certs, however is the exam your standard 50 questions or is it two exams back to back? The reason I ask is I've noticed a few people showing two scores when passed (712/754 for example).

Also are there any sims that anyone is aware of for this exam??

Study material - MS Press, CBT Nuggets, Transcender.



  • neathneathneathneathneathneath Posts: 438Member

    Its a single exam but in two halves - number of questions may be around 50 but may not be split 50/50.

    You only see the result after the second half.

    You must get minimum of 70% in each half to pass.

    e.g. a 60% / 90% result = 60% (fail)
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