70-447 Question

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If there is anyone who has taken the 70-447 exam and could recommend good study materials, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Robert, welcome! Which city do you live in? I'm between Cincy and Dayton.

    You will probably be hard pressed to find someone who has taken that exam on this forum. But I did take the 2005 DBA exams and can suggest that you use the MS Press books. The upgrade exams tend to just be the same questions as the full exams, just fewer in number. Depending on how much work you do with 2005 currently,it mught be better just to get a nice, big reference book like SQL Server 2005 Unleashed and some test prep software. One warning I have is that the MCTS 2005 exam does have sims and they were a bit confusing for me. Make sure you know SSMS well. You cannot use T-SQL to accomplish the tasks in the sims.

    Oh - and you are aware the exam retires in June, right?
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    Robert - Thanks for the advice on the test. I do have quite a few 2005 admin books around as I have been working as an Admin for while. Yes, I do know it the 2005 track is retiring and that is pushing me to get the test done asap. No use wasting the upgrade path. I am in Columbus but travel to Xenia quite often to see family. Thanks again
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    Well, if there is ever a big PASS meeting in that neck of the woods we'll have to do lunch.

    I would say just get some test prep and use the books you already have to study the objectives you find hardest on the test prep. Like I said, I found the sims hardest because I felt they seemed very similar in what they were asking. But I had very little experience with SQL Server at that point. Mostly just installation and basic maintenance. So you should blow it out of the water. The PRO exams were easier but required a broader conceptual knowledge.
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