Passed 70-680

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Hi All,
Passed 70-680 today (first IT exam i've ever sat).

Passed with 972(once question off full marks).

I've been working with Win7 since beta and just using it every day is not enough to pass the exam.

I used the self-paced training kit from MS.
I had to go over the deployment (first few chapters) multiple times to grasp all the apps and what they do..

After reading the books i watched all CBT nuggets for the exam (these really helped the info sink in).

After that i practised the MS exam that came on the cd over and over again.. i learnt alot from that...

It was MUCH MUCH MUCH harder than the actual Exam....

Good luck to all who plan on sitting it


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    Welcome the forum and congrats on your pass. That's a nice score.
  • TheSuperRuskiTheSuperRuski Member Posts: 240
    Congrats on the pass. That's a great score.
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    Congrats now your hooked. Now on to other exams.
    Killermac :)
    A+;Net+;XP,MCP, Security+, Win 7: 70-680
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