Microsoft Certification Pack booking/pricing query.

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This is my first post here so please be gentle with me.

I went for the "Microsoft Certification Pack" and chose the 5 exam pack. I received my voucher code and proceeded to book my first exam... however it looks like when I pay for the first exam it wants £352 instead of £88 (or £79.20?) Is it making me pay for all 5 upon booking the first 1, and if so will subsequent exams booked be showing as balance of zero?

I just don't want to end up paying £352 for ONE exam!

Exam Price: 88 GBP Tax: 0 GBP Discount Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Discount Amount: 264 GBP Balance: 352 GBP


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    When you pay for the first of 5 exams with the SAME voucher code you are using for all 5, you pay for all of them at once.

    Then you finish all 5 by x date. It's a good deal, but it requires you to have the money for all 5 with 20% off the overall price of 5. Then you simple re-use the same voucher for the next 4 at a 0$/Euro cost.

    Make sense?

    Source; I have a Exam 5 pack. Paid 500 for the 70-680, billed 0$ for my 70-685. Each one has a free second shot too.
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    Yea you pay for all of them then you use the Voucher for the remaining 4 exams. It's a good deal 20% off the price and free retakes which is really helpfull.
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