bcmsn easy or difficult !!!!

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i passed my bsci and i'm preparing to have a bcmsn exam, as i'm looking to the diffrents post concerning bcmsn i'm a bit confused icon_confused.gif

some said that it's the Easiest exam in ccnp and some said that it's the most defficult ???

any advise ????
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    Congrats on passing your BSCI.
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    what material did you use in prep for your BSCI exam? I just picked up the Cisco Press Exam Cert Guide for BSCI and I will probably get another book or two. any thoughts? Thanks, c__g
    Thanks for the help, -cg
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    i used the bsci sybex but it wasn't realy good as i fassed some questions that wasn't covered in the book, i think that cisco press is better but the problem is that it have 300 pages more than sybex.

    the boson and trancender blanc exams wew a big help.

    good luck
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    Lofti, I just passed the BCMSN at the beginning of this month, and it was difficult. I don't think I've ever heard that it was easy though, so I made myself study for two months before I even tried to take the exam :). Anyway, don't treat this one as a blowoff by any means.

    c_g, the book I used to study for the BSCI was the standard Cisco Press Self Study book: http://www.ciscopress.com/title/158705146X. Yes, it's very long but the tough part about the BSCI is that you actually will need to know all of that material. The book itself is fantastic, and I know a CCIE who said it was his primary source of reading material when preparing for the CCIE. The authors did a really nice job.

    (As a side note, I was expecting more out of Cisco Press's BCRAN book since the primary author for the BSCI book was one of the authors for the BCRAN book. Good grief, the second edition is atrocious. The editors and proofreaders need to be shot. There are so many typos and incorrect configuration commands it will boggle your mind. It's still good study material, but you have to sit by your computer and doublecheck every command via cisco.com to make sure you're memorizing the correct way to do things. Yuck.)

    --Scanner icon_cool.gif
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    I like its and me also free form BSCS...........

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    the hardest part about bcmsn is the lack of exposure to some of the technology like wireless, voip, private vlans, etc... where as BSCI has ipv6 and multicast to throw people off guard
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    Nice, this thread is five years old.
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    necro thread is back from the dead!
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