No Cert with 70-646?

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I passed my first MS exam (70-646) on Friday. I recieved the email about the MCP community and everything but when I went to the site to download the cert, it wasn't there. Is there not a cert associated with this exam?


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    You know, I've never really thought about it but there probably isn't. The 646 is used as Pro exam for those who already have the 640 and 642 under their belt so they can become MCITP. I would think that the exam would give you the generic MCTS certificate if anything though and if it's not then that's kinda weird.
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    I don't think you get the cert until you finish the other two exams required to get MCITP-SA which are 640 and 642 and you actually get two certs MCITP and MCITP-SA
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