WTH Happened

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Well, I got to the test center and sat for the exam. After starting I noticed it was 80 questions and asked if it was the JK0-017 (PK0-003 2009) exam. They said that it was the one that they have me for so I took it. FAILED 487/499...aparently I was taking the 2003 version which preping for 2009 does not help. Talked to my mentor at WGU and we are trying to find out what happened. Good news I got my new voucher and will be taking this again in a few days. Bad news....I wanted this to be over....lol.

So anyone know the difference between 2003 and 2009 exams? I'd hate to think I'm only going to score a sub 500 when I need 710.


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    The 4th edition of the PMBOK was released on 12/31/2008, which necessitated the updated version of PROJECT+. However, the differences between the 3rd and 4th editions are minimal, IMO.

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