what u use at work?

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please specify what model/version you're using/running at work. just want to have a general idea what's on the market right now.

1. client...ie: xp, mac os x
2. server...redhat 6, win2008 r2
3. mail server...notes 8, exchange 2010
4. mail client..outlook
5. mobile devices...blackberry, pda
6. ticketing system....remedy, landesk
7. hardware firewall....sonicwall, juniper
8. ips
9. ids
10. router
11. switch
12. virtualization
13. web server
14. database server
15. vpn
16. remote tools
17. antivirus
18. network monitoring

and anything else hard/software u want to add. icon_cheers.gif


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    Nothing to see, don't look at the man behind the curtain....
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    1. Win XP, WIn 7 and several MAC OS
    2. Server 2008
    3. iMail
    4. Outlook and IE for webmail
    5. iPod, iPad and some tablets
    6. POS that was never designed to be a ticket system
    7. Bluecoat
    8. Not saying
    9. Devinatly not saying
    10. Cisco
    11. Cisco with a lot of 3COM
    12. VMWare
    13. Not sure
    14. Not sure
    15. Does dial up count? Citrix
    16. Anything I can get my hands on
    17. McAfee
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    Protecting you from yourselves :). Guys you should never give out this kind of information over the net, and especially at the request of a complete stranger (who on investigation looks to be using this site for some sort of stat gathering, which even if not malicious is not the desirable on this forum).
    PM me if you want your replies removed.
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